Here are the newer projects I have been engaged in...

I found this giant leaf in a florist shop but do not know its name. I loved its many fingers, so long that they did not completely fit on the printing plate. Typically, the unexpected arrived after printing it twice. This is the second print. The first was too inky and the third was too pale. This second print was, like goldilocks' oatmeal, "just right."



Heart of a Lotus

When I first took out a lotus leaf from the bag I purchased at the nearby Asian supermarket, I printed what I had in my hands and got this fascinating effect, which looked like a spider web to me and was another reminder of how certain themes seem to run throughout the natural world and show up in unexpected places. I then opened up the whole leaf and found it was huge and printed the big leaf in various colors, adding some powdered pigment to the middle of the fold.



Green Lotus Mysterious

I have been experimenting with printing giant leaves this year, almost always getting surprises as results but always having fun. I found a bag of dried Lotus leaves at a nearby Asian supermarket. I printed the first one no knowing that the leaf actually opens to twice the size. This is what happened when I opened the leaf tip and printed it entirely in a series of colors.



Golden Lotus

“Golden Lotus” which seems so apt both for its ancient connotations and the fact that powdered gold pigment took so well to the deep blue veins in the middle.


This was how I discovered that I could not predict the results of printing gigantic leaves, because they dissolve and fall apart in unexpected ways as they become suffused with ink and are pushed through an etching press.


After working for months on gigantic leavers and paper, I decided to switch to the opposite: small prints of simple small leaves as silhouettes. Then I decided to print the results as greeting cards to sell at shows and to give away as gifts.



Heavenly Bamboo

This is a second small silhouette print that I enjoyed creating. The leaves are “Heavenly Bamboo,” which is beautiful name for leaves that seem to hold together for years and do not crumble when dried in a phone book.